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Serving Counties of Riverside, Orange, LA and San Bernadino


BWR is a family business in Corona and surrounding areas. My wife and I started our company in the tiny office of our first home. I drove a small truck, with a magnet which had my phone number and BWR Heating and Cooling printed across it. I would put it on the door of my truck, and that was how we advertised. We started the business with the same philosophy we still abide by; BWR prides ourselves on our customer service while offering top notch plumbing and roofing and window service and installation. We are proud to service all of Corona, Riverside, Fontana, Ontario, and surrounding areas. 

We continue to operate in Corona and surrounding areas as a small company. We never plan on becoming one of the larger, ridiculously expensive “box stores” who have franchises, flashy salespeople who want to gouge customers for a bigger commission, and do not get to know their employees or customers. We have drug checked and background checked repair men and woman that know how to service all R22 freon systems and replace just general capacitors if necessary. We want our employees to be happy working for us, so they provide better customer service to our clients in Corona and Surrounding areas. 

We’ve moved out of our little office where we started it all. Now we are in a red, western style building on Sixth Street in Corona- Norco. We love our new location as it reflects our style; simple, family-owned, customer and employee centered, and locally operated in Corona and Surrounding areas. We support our community and in turn, our community supports us.

Thank You for finding out a little more about us. We look forward to getting to know you, and proving to you that BWR is the best heating and cooling repair and maintenance and install business in the area!  We now are offering plumbing services, roofing services and window installation services . Call us for your free quote and or your free second opinion in Corona  Ca. and surrounding areas. 

Warm Regards,
Brian and Becky Weaver