Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Service

An 18-SEER AC unit BWR installed for HGTV's Flip or Flop

An 18-SEER (high efficiency) AC unit BWR installed for HGTV’s “Flip or Flop.”

Air Conditioning Installation & Sales

BWR Heating & Cooling is an authorized dealer of all major brands of commercial and residential air conditioning equipment.

  • We work on all brands and types of air conditioners, gas and electric. Tell us the brand, and we’ll install it for you.
  • We service air conditioners to keep them in top condition.
  • We repair broken air conditioners and replace units that are old or damaged beyond repair.
  • All estimates are FREE; there’s no obligation to buy. But we’re confident you’ll choose BWR for all your AC and heating needs.
  • We also do ductwork. And if needed, we’ll seal the drafty attic of your home or business with blow-in insulation.
  • Too busy for an in-home estimate? Try a virtual visit instead!

Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement: Which Is Right for You?

When we inspect your air conditioning, we’ll give you an honest assessment. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need.

  • If it makes sense to repair or overhaul your old air conditioning unit, we’ll repair it at a fair price.
  • But no appliance lasts forever, and it may be cheaper in the long run to install a new, energy-efficient AC system.
  • In the short run, the cost of a repair may not be worth it if an air conditioner is on its last legs.
  • We offer financing. Air conditioning is an investment in your home or business. Don’t shortchange your comfort and safety with an inferior AC unit or service.

Top AC Brands We Sell & Service (Partial List)

  • American Standard
  • Carrier
  • Goodman
  • Trane
  • Rheem
  • Lennox
  • York
  • Ruud
  • Amana
  • Heil
  • Bryant

These brands are rated among the best for quality, efficiency, reliability, length of life, and consistent cool air delivery.  


Had the problem diagnosed… and it was NOT the problem the other guys had told me.

Janet J.
Norco, CA
Yelp, 8/30/2017

Brian came highly recommended, and rightly so! He was my “second opinion” since the AC repair was going to be costly. And it’s been 105 the last few days.

He came quickly and had the problem diagnosed within a few minutes, and it was NOT the problem the other guys had told me. Had I gone with the first guys, I would have doubled my price because eventually they would have figured it out. It was extremely dirty and was 7 gallons down in Freon because of a leak! Brian did what he had to, and we were up and running within the hour!

Thanks for the excellent work!

We look forward to having BWR work with us in the future for a whole new AC system as ours is outdated.

New Air Conditioner Installation

In some cases, we’ll recommend a new air conditioner over a simple repair.

  • If you have a refrigerant leak, or if your AC unit needs a new compressor, it may be cheaper to install a new system.
  • If your cooling system uses an out-of-date refrigerant, ongoing maintenance becomes costly. New refrigerants are more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and far more efficient than older refrigerants.
  • New AC systems are far more efficient than old appliances. You’ll save handsomely on your energy bill, especially if you’re cooling a large or multi-story space.

As a full-service air conditioning company, BWR will:

  • Sell you the right air conditioning system for your home or business.
  • Professionally install that system and guarantee the work and parts.
  • Install new ductwork or repair existing ductwork to ensure that cool air is evenly distributed throughout the building.
  • Maintain your air conditioning system, if you like, with either scheduled checkups or an annual maintenance contract.

What Goes into AC Installation?

Installing a central air conditioning system is a difficult job best reserved for specialists and not general handymen. Always hire a reputable company like BWR Heating & Cooling to do your AC installation and replacement.

  • AC units contain air handler components like evaporator coils, condensers, and compressors not found in most other appliances.
  • Complex electrical circuitry and gas line connections must be considered.
  • The installer should be familiar with local building codes, city permits, and more.

Trusting the job to amateurs or attempting to do it yourself is only asking for trouble. BWR’s professional technicians:

  • Are familiar with all major brands of air conditioning systems.
  • Understand the various techniques of installation and troubleshooting.
  • Are well-trained, licensed, bonded, and insured.

When Do You Need AC Repair vs Replacement?

The sooner you take action, the better. If air being pushed through the vents never cools, or you hear loud noises or smell strange odors, call for repairs before the problem gets worse.

  • Quick action may prevent further damage from occurring, in which case you can avoid a costlier repair or complete replacement.
  • If your AC system is getting older, replacement might be the best course of action. But in most cases, repair or maintenance is all you need.

Old AC Units vs Modern Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses in Watt-Hours. It may also be called a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. (Source: Trane Air Conditioning)

Up until 2006, 10 SEER was the efficiency standard for air conditioners. But now the lowest SEER rating allowed by federal law is 13 SEER.

This means that air conditioning appliances built today are at least 30% more energy efficient than standard AC units manufactured less than 20 years ago.

16 or more SEER air conditioners are yet another option that will save 60% or more energy than the 10 SEER units of days gone by. Federal tax credits for these high-efficiency systems offer additional savings, especially for businesses.

Call us today, and we’ll work with you to find the best solution for your home or business.

A faulty installation results in an air conditioner fire

A Bad Installation Leads to Fire

Nope, this isn’t one of ours.

It’s a photo we took in 2015, responding to a call where the air conditioner literally blew up.

Worse, it nearly caught the house on fire — a house that suddenly would have gone from cool to very, very warm…

A faulty installation lay at the root of this near disaster, illustrating once again why you can’t trust just anyone to install a powerful, major appliance like an air conditioner. Connections have to be secure and correct, and since every air conditioner brand and model is different, it takes a high level of expertise to get things right.

Call BWR for your next AC installation. We promise this will never happen.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Service

No air conditioning system lasts forever. But with regular maintenance, you can extend its service life, saving money in the long run.

Even if your air conditioner appears to be 100% trouble-free, annual service checks are still a good idea. They’ll keep your system in peak operating condition, and help to prevent problems that raise energy bills and shorten appliance life. These include:

  • Dirt buildup on the condensing coil.
  • Dust buildup that blocks airflow.
  • Low refrigerant.
  • An electrical problem somewhere in the system.

Changing AC filters and vacuuming to clear dust can be done DIY, but regular maintenance and most repairs should be handled only by an experienced professional. At BWR, heating, AC, and HVAC are not just our specialty — they’re the only things we do.

Not only are we experts in every type of heating and air conditioning system, we know every brand on the market and can troubleshoot problems much faster than your average plumber or handyman.

  • Yearly maintenance will extend the life of your air conditioner.
  • It will lower your energy bills because your AC unit will run more efficiently.
  • It will prevent small issues from becoming bigger issues.

Rheem Air Conditioners & HVAC Systems

Few companies in the HVAC industry have been as influential as Rheem, known for its quality and innovation.

In 1956, Rheem introduced its first central heating and air conditioning system, and has been pushing the boundaries of AC technology ever since. Among other things, Rheem was the first company to introduce a complete line of 14-SEER condensing units and heat pumps.

Today, Rheem is one of the most respected and recognizable names in air conditioning, thanks to its long-standing tradition of excellence.

At BWR Heating and Cooling, we’re proud to be part of this tradition by providing exemplary customer service and high-quality installation and repair of Rheem products.

Trane Air Conditioning

Nothing beats a Trane when it comes to the delivery of cool air during the hottest Southern California months. Not only are Trane air conditioners among the best in terms of performance, but they’re also remarkably energy efficient.

However, installing a Trane air conditioning system is complex: not a task for the novice or non-specialist. Even something as basic as selecting the right appliance model for the job requires a certain level of expertise.

At BWR Heating & Cooling, we have two decades of experience in the industry. When you shop with us for a Trane, the discussion will go far beyond model and price, square footage, rooms, and floors — we’ll help you find the very best system for your property, preferences, budget, and geographical location.

Does Your AC Cost an Arm & a Leg to Run? This Could Be Why

There’s no getting around it — air conditioners are energy hogs, even the most energy-efficient models.

But certain problems and conditions can drive up energy use fast, and a well-maintained air conditioner will run far more efficiently than a poorly maintained unit. In fact, regular AC maintenance by BWR more than pays for itself in terms of energy savings and appliance life.

When it comes to high air conditioning bills, these are the usual suspects:

Dirty Air Filters & Air Ducts

Take a straw, fill it with pudding, and now try blowing through it. Or try pouring hot water through a clogged coffee filter.

That’s essentially the situation with dirty air filters and ducts, compounded by the unpleasant reality that along with constricted air flow comes a lot of dust and debris as well.

In most cases, you can replace air filters on your own, but duct cleaning is a job for professionals. Save yourself the time and trouble of incomplete DIY maintenance and call us to inspect and maintain your entire HVAC system, and not just the air filters.

Failing AC Parts

AC compressors, motors, capacitors, and other system components wear out over time just like the parts of a car. Even the best air conditioner brands may last only 15 years or so.

If the condenser is failing, the AC’s motor will struggle to remove heat from your home but will continue to run until the thermostat reaches its set point. Over the course of a long hot summer, the poor, overworked AC motor may give out entirely. You’ll be stewing in 105-degree heat and searching for emergency service at a time when all AC techs are already servicing other emergencies.

A maintenance inspection every spring will prevent most AC breakdowns from ever happening, just as regular tuneups and inspections prevent most automotive breakdowns.

Low Refrigerant

Air conditioners need refrigerant to transfer heat and remove it from your home. Low refrigerant levels won’t allow your system to remove heat efficiently.

Leaks are the likely cause of low refrigerant, and these can occur almost anywhere in a system laced with coils and line sets. To properly diagnose and repair this problem, you’ll need the services of a professional.

Poor Maintenance

All machines require maintenance, and your air conditioner is no exception. The simplest way to prevent inefficiencies and breakdowns is to schedule regular AC inspections and tune-ups.

BWR technicians have the equipment and expertise to diagnose problems, replace any broken or worn parts, seal leaking ducts, clean clogged ducts, and so on. We can even set you up with a smart thermostat network for temperature zoning in your home.

Aging Air Conditioner

If you’re lucky, you might get 15 to 20 years out of an air conditioning unit. But even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, you might save 20% to 40% of your cooling energy costs by replacing it with a newer model.

Advances in AC technology make new air conditioners far more efficient than they were only a few years ago. Add to this the fact that all air conditioners lose efficiency as they age, and it may be time to talk to us about replacing your air conditioner altogether.

Bad or Inept Installation

We’ve been on enough service calls to know this is a very real problem. Your air conditioner may have been installed incorrectly, with missing parts and faulty connections, or you may have been sold the wrong air conditioner for your home!

Yes, this is entirely possible, and some unscrupulous dealers will sell you far more powerful air conditioners than you need to cool your home. These massive appliances suck up the juice, as a class 8 truck burns through fuel.

You wouldn’t take the rig to run errands around town, would you? By the same token, there’s no advantage to buying more air conditioner than you need. The trick is to select the best possible appliance for the job and to install and configure it correctly.

Why BWR & Not the Box Store, the Plumber, or the Fix-It Guy?

Brian Weaver stands beside a recently serviced furnace

The contractor who installs your heating and cooling system is responsible for all warranties, including labor and materials.

Suppose you purchase a pricey HVAC appliance, only to discover that the seller has subcontracted installation to someone who arrives in an unmarked vehicle? Are you still confident the job will be done right?

Subcontractors are normally paid piece work. The faster they work, the more money they make. Shortcuts become a virtual certainty. Jobs are rushed.

Then there’s the question of liability and workman’s compensation. If something goes wrong and the subcontractor is underinsured, you the homeowner could be liable. So much for the 50 bucks you saved at Big Jim’s Cut-Rate Appliance last weekend.

All BWR team members have passed drug and background checks. They’ll show up on time in a marked BWR vehicle and wearing a BWR uniform. They’re trained to respect your property and your home, always removing debris when the job is complete.

Need More Reasons? Here You Go…

  • BWR Heating & Cooling is an authorized dealer of major, trusted brands of heating, air conditioning, and HVAC equipment.
  • We specialize in air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC appliances. We don’t do anything else!
    We guarantee all work, parts and labor.
  • We’ve been installing and repairing heating and cooling systems in Southern California for two decades.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • All BWR technicians are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We don’t hire subcontractors to do the dirty work for us.
  • Our technicians average 5 years of work experience in HVAC, heating, and air conditioning.
  • Technicians receive 75 hours of additional technical and customer service training per year.

Problems with your AC or heat?

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