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A BWR tech works on a rooftop HVAV unit

A BWR technician services a commercial rooftop HVAC unit.

HVAC Systems: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

“HVAC” stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

HVAC installations are all-in-one heating and air conditioning systems that automatically switch to heat or cooling, depending on the thermostat setting.

They also circulate air, in some cases even when they’re not heating or cooling it, in order to maintain a level of comfort. New buildings in California, commercial and residential alike, typically use HVAC systems as opposed to separate, independent heating and cooling appliances.

BWR Heating and Cooling is an authorized dealer of all major brands of HVAC equipment, commercial and residential, including Rheem and Trane.

Our HVAC Services

  • We sell HVAC systems, install them, and maintain them to keep them in top condition.
  • We repair HVAC systems that are broken or working inefficiently, and replace appliances that are old or damaged beyond repair.
  • All estimates are FREE; there’s no obligation to buy. However, we’re confident that you’ll choose BWR for all your HVAC needs.
  • We also do ductwork. BWR is a full-service, experienced, and trusted heating and air conditioning company. When you call us for HVAC work, we’ll do the job right from start to finish.
  • Too busy for an in-home estimate? Try a virtual visit instead!

HVAC Installation: Upgrading to an HVAC System

HVAC is the ideal solution for a pleasant and energy-efficient home or business — an all-in-one heating, air conditioning, and filtration system connected to a network of ducts and controlled from a single thermostat or from several thermostats if you prefer. Even when it’s not directly heating or cooling air, an HVAC system can circulate air to ensure that you breathe easier.

BWR’s licensed technicians can help you choose the right brand and model of HVAC equipment for your home or business. We’ll give you a free estimate and the time you need to think it over, then install a top-quality HVAC system with the speed, courtesy, and quality of workmanship you expect.

We also perform HVAC maintenance and tuneups and offer prompt, reliable, and affordable repairs on all HVAC systems, including those installed by other companies.

HVAC Replacement: When Old Units Are No Longer Up to the Job

All components of an HVAC system wear out over time, even when they’re well-maintained. Plus, new heaters and air conditioners are far more efficient than they were a decade ago.

Even ductwork has improved! There comes a time when the benefits of a new HVAC system far outweigh the inconvenience of an old system with its high energy use, need for frequent repairs, and inefficient air distribution.

Call us if you suspect it’s time for a new HVAC system. We’ll do a thorough check of your old system, let you know what’s working and what’s not, and give you a free estimate for a new system.

We won’t sell you anything you don’t need or replace anything that doesn’t need replacement. What we will do is offer you a top-quality air conditioner or furnace at a great price, install it correctly to the manufacturer’s specifications, and calibrate it to run at peak performance.

And we’ll haul away your old HVAC equipment at no extra charge.

$100 for $150

Pay just $100 for $150 worth of any service from BWR, including furnace work, air conditioning, and HVAC.

The offer includes a free service call for estimates.

Call 951-355-2357 for details.

$59 service call special

“Only charged the $99 service call since it was a straightforward fix!! “

Roger L.
Palm Springs, CA
Yelp, 6/24/2021

Omar & Adrian were FANTASTIC!! We had another of the “big firms in the valley”, who advertise a lot in Palm Springs, and they failed to respond to the specific request and my “amateur” diagnosis I had done by searching the web. They charged $400 to do basically NOTHING!

Omar understood exactly what I was explaining, went directly to the wiring problem and rewired the NEST thermostat and the termination point on our package unit. Only charged the $99 service call since it was a straight-forward fix!! And, they were very friendly and courteous!!

BWR is now our new go-to for all HVAC problems (we have one large package unit and 2 “split” units). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans & Services

Most HVAC appliances have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and during those years, even the best systems should be serviced to remain in peak operating condition.

BWR Heating and Cooling offers a variety of commercial HVAC plans designed to fit your budget and business needs. As a bonus, when you become a BWR service maintenance customer, you’re automatically eligible for discounts and incentives on replacement units.

What We Do

  • We perform a site survey and deliver a custom report for your building.
  • This report will contain a diagram of the building’s roof with each HVAC component numbered.
  • We’ll offer details on each piece of equipment, alerting you to any pressing issues.
  • You can have this report for free! If you request a quote for maintenance or any service, the report is included in the free estimate.

Customized tune-up plans cover the following:

  • Check all controls
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check disconnect & breaker
  • Check filters
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Check amperage & voltage
  • Inspect ducts
  • Check outdoor & indoor coil
  • Check blower & belt
  • Lubricate motors & bearings
  • Maintain filters (quarterly)
  • Check outdoor fan motor
  • Written equipment evaluation

HVAC vs Central Air Conditioning & Heat

“HVAC” and “central air conditioning and heating” are sometimes used interchangeably. They’re actually different things. A central air conditioner may be part of an HVAC system, but it’s always centrally located in the building.

Different units of an HVAC system can be placed anywhere in or outside the building, as long as they’re all connected to the same ductwork or ventilation system. The furnace may be in the garage and the air conditioner may be on the roof. A central air conditioner and furnace, on the other hand, are always close to each other near the center of the home or business.

Installing a Heat Pump for Energy Efficiency

A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that also works in reverse. In hot weather, it moves warm air out of a building, lowering room temperatures. In cool weather, it moves warmer outside air indoors, raising room temperatures.

During the summer, a heat pump operates like an air conditioner. But during the winter, unlike a furnace, a heat pump isn’t directly warming the air as much as it’s moving already warm air from one place to another.

If there’s not enough warm outside air to match your thermostat setting, that’s when the furnace kicks in — but only then. Since a heat pump uses far less energy than a furnace, the result is significant savings on your energy bill.

But the colder it gets, the less efficiently a heat pump operates. A heat pump works best when the outdoor temperature is above freezing, and even above freezing, you may have to turn on the furnace.

For moderate, dry climates like those in Southern California, a heat pump can cool or heat your home or business year-round, except on the very hottest or coldest days, when you may have to operate the furnace or auxiliary AC (if you have air conditioning). And in colder climates, a heat pump can be paired with a compatible gas furnace for more efficient heating during the coolest part of the year.

Talk to BWR Heating and Cooling about the possibility of installing a heat pump in your home or business.

Results of an HVAC calibration test

Does Your HVAC Service Calibrate?

Have you ever seen this?

You would if BWR did your HVAC maintenance and tune-ups. It’s the result of a calibration test to check the efficiency of an HVAC system.

Most HVAC technicians don’t run these tests, which take time, expertise, and the right equipment. But at BRW Heating & Cooling, we calibrate your HVAC system as part of every service call and installation.

You’ll notice the biggest difference in your energy bill. A correctly calibrated system runs far more efficiently and uses far less energy to cool or heat your home or business.

When it comes to HVAC, you can do things the right way or the easy way. We always, ALWAYS do things right.

7 Tips for Better Air Quality & Comfort

By Brian Weaver, BWR President & Co-Founder

Is your HVAC system keeping you cool enough? Heating and cooling systems need a little help from you to work at their optimum level. These 7 tips can help you to improve the air quality and comfort of your HVAC unit.

  1. Replace your filters. All HVAC systems have filters to catch floating debris. When your filters are clogged and dirty, your HVAC system has to work much harder to produce much less air.
  2. Use ceiling fans. Fans circulate air and make indoor temperatures feel cooler. Ceiling fans in particular push cold air around the room and pull hot air up toward the ceiling.
  3. Install a good thermostat. New digital thermostats are highly accurate. Older thermostats can be off by a few degrees, and this can make a huge difference in your comfort level.
  4. Keep it clean. Clear bushes, plants, grasses, and clutter away from outdoor units to improve air quality and flow. Keep all interior vents clear as well, and be sure they’re not closed off or blocked by furniture (like that big comfy couch).
  5. Get out of the kitchen. Cook outdoors as often as you can. Kitchen heat can make your HVAC system work overtime. If you can’t cook outdoors, try serving summer salads and other dishes that don’t require oven or stove preparation.
  6. Get a little shade going. Trees and bushes have a major cooling effect on a home and yard. Plus, they’re pleasant to look at, and they increase the value of your home.
  7. Choose a good maintenance plan. Yearly maintenance, like the maintenance plans offered by BWR, will help to prevent breakdowns, will nip any minor problems in the bud, and will help your HVAC system run at an optimal level.

If you take care of your HVAC system, it will take care of you! These few simple steps will go a long way toward improving the air quality in your home and reducing high energy bills.

    Why BWR & Not the Box Store, the Plumber, or the Fix-It Guy?

    Brian Weaver stands beside a recently serviced furnace

    The contractor who installs your heating and cooling system is responsible for all warranties, including labor and materials.

    Suppose you purchase a pricey HVAC appliance, only to discover that the seller has subcontracted installation to someone who arrives in an unmarked vehicle? Are you still confident the job will be done right?

    Subcontractors are normally paid piece work. The faster they work, the more money they make. Shortcuts become a virtual certainty. Jobs are rushed.

    Then there’s the question of liability and workman’s compensation. If something goes wrong and the subcontractor is underinsured, you the homeowner could be liable. So much for the 50 bucks you saved at Big Jim’s Cut-Rate Appliance last weekend.

    All BWR team members have passed drug and background checks. They’ll show up on time in a marked BWR vehicle and wearing a BWR uniform. They’re trained to respect your property and your home, always removing debris when the job is complete.

    Need More Reasons? Here You Go…

    • BWR Heating and Cooling is an authorized dealer of major, trusted brands of heating, air conditioning, and HVAC equipment.
    • We specialize in air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC appliances. We don’t do anything else!
      We guarantee all work, parts and labor.
    • We’ve been installing and repairing heating and cooling systems in Southern California for two decades.
    • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
    • All BWR technicians are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We don’t hire subcontractors to do the dirty work for us.
    • Our technicians average 5 years of work experience in HVAC, heating, and air conditioning.
    • Technicians receive 75 hours of additional technical and customer service training per year.

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