HVAC, Air Conditioning & Furnace Maintenance

A heater installed under a House in Santa Ana, CA

A heater we installed under a house in Santa Ana, CA, for the HGTV show “Flip or Flop.”

Lack of Maintenance Leads to Appliance Breakdowns

If an AC or heating system breaks, it’s usually when the weather is hottest (90 to 110 degrees) or coldest (freezing or below). Aging system components can’t keep up with demands.

Regular tune-ups in the spring and fall are your best insurance against failure when you need your HVAC system the most.

Your furnace, for example, can develop a number of problems, from simple electrical wiring shorts and loose connections to potentially deadly carbon monoxide leaks.

Regular maintenance prevents small problems from becoming bigger and much more expensive and potentially dangerous problems. It reduces the risk of appliance breakdown and significantly improves energy efficiency. And of course, you’ll be much more comfortable with a steady, evenly distributed supply of cool air or heat.

Our 25-Point AC & Heating Maintenance Plan

Here, we go through your whole air conditioning, heating, or HVAC system with a fine-tooth comb. We don’t cut corners when we perform these inspections; we make sure you get your money’s worth! If we detect a problem, we’ll let you know and prepare an estimate for repair — which we’ll perform only with your explicit consent.

In the 25-point plan:

  • We check the air conditioning.
  • We check your furnace.
  • We inspect the ductwork.
  • We check the insulation.
  • We confirm that all units or components are operating correctly.
  • We perform a 25-point inspection of key components.
  • We check condensation and drainage.

Our 70-Point AC & Heating Maintenance Plan

As good as the 25-point plan is, our 70-point maintenance plan is even better, an exhaustive review of your heating, air conditioning, or HVAC system to get it running almost like new.

Again, if anything in the system needs repair, we’ll inform you and prepare an estimate. And if it’s time to replace your aging heating and cooling system, we’ll tell you directly and offer a fantastic deal on a replacement. But we’ll never try to sell you an appliance or service you don’t need. If it makes sense to fix it, we’ll fix it, with your permission.

In the 70-point plan:

  • We check the air conditioning.
  • We check your furnace.
  • We inspect the ductwork.
  • We check the insulation.
  • We confirm that all units or components are operating correctly.
  • We perform a 70-point inspection of key components.
  • We check condensation and drainage.
Results of an HVAC calibration test

Does Your HVAC Service Calibrate?

Have you ever seen this?

You would if BWR did your HVAC maintenance and tune-ups. It’s the result of a calibration test to check the efficiency of an HVAC system.

Most HVAC technicians don’t run these tests, which take time, expertise, and the right equipment. But at BRW Heating & Cooling, we calibrate your HVAC system as part of every service call and installation.

You’ll notice the biggest difference in your energy bill. A correctly calibrated system runs far more efficiently and uses far less energy to cool or heat your home or business.

When it comes to HVAC, you can do things the right way or the easy way. We always, ALWAYS do things right.


“What amazing and honest service.

Kevin C.
Riverside, CA
Yelp, 4/15/2019

Called BWR yesterday cause the air conditioning was not working. It was the first time I turned it on this year. I was freaking out thinking I need a new unit. Brian came out and fixed it for a fraction of the price. What amazing and honest service. Give these guys a call!!!

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans & Services

BWR Heating and Cooling offers a variety of commercial HVAC plans designed to fit your budget and business needs. As a bonus, when you become a BWR service maintenance customer, you’re automatically eligible for discounts and incentives on replacement units.

What We Do

  • We perform a site survey and deliver a custom report for your building.
  • This report will contain a diagram of the building’s roof with each HVAC component numbered.
  • We’ll offer details on each piece of equipment, alerting you to any issues.
  • You can have this report for free! If you request a quote for maintenance or any service, the report is included in our free estimate.

Even with the Best Maintenance, No Appliance Lasts Forever

Most AC and heating systems have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, and during those years, even the best systems should be serviced at least once annually, as all manufacturers recommend.

If you’re struggling with an old AC unit that spikes your power bill but can’t seem to keep you in the comfort zone, or if your aging furnace cranks out fewer BTUs than a birthday candle, it may be time for something new. We’ll recommend and install an energy-efficient and durable HVAC system that’s exactly right for your home or business.

Why BWR & Not the Box Store, the Plumber, or the Fix-It Guy?

Brian Weaver stands beside a recently serviced furnace

The contractor who installs your heating and cooling system is responsible for all warranties, including labor and materials.

Suppose you purchase a pricey HVAC appliance, only to discover that the seller has subcontracted installation to someone who arrives in an unmarked vehicle? Are you still confident the job will be done right?

Subcontractors are normally paid piece work. The faster they work, the more money they make. Shortcuts become a virtual certainty. Jobs are rushed.

Then there’s the question of liability and workman’s compensation. If something goes wrong and the subcontractor is underinsured, you the homeowner could be liable. So much for the 50 bucks you saved at Big Jim’s Cut-Rate Appliance last weekend.

All BWR team members have passed drug and background checks. They’ll show up on time in a marked BWR vehicle and wearing a BWR uniform. They’re trained to respect your property and your home, always removing debris when the job is complete.

Need More Reasons? Here You Go…

  • BWR Heating and Cooling is an authorized dealer of major, trusted brands of heating, air conditioning, and HVAC equipment.
  • We specialize in air conditioners, furnaces, and HVAC appliances. We don’t do anything else!
    We guarantee all work, parts and labor.
  • We’ve been installing and repairing heating and cooling systems in Southern California for two decades.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • All BWR technicians are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. We don’t hire subcontractors to do the dirty work for us.
  • Our technicians average 5 years of work experience in HVAC, heating, and air conditioning.
  • Technicians receive 75 hours of additional technical and customer service training per year.

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